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Dinner at the Ottmanngut

Similar to our breakfast, at our "La Tavolata" we invite you to be surprised - both by the cuisine and the people. You sit at a table with other guests and share not only a nice evening, but also the dishes with your table neighbours.
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm.
Because we have limited space, we aks you to book your seat in advance.


Short distances, familiar places and faces, safely produced and processed. We try to obtain almost all of our food from the Alpine region. We also source a few delicacies from the south of Italy via foodstuff co-operatives.


Seasonality is an opportunity, a challenge for the kitchen, a treat for the palate and for nature. Breakfast at the Ottmanngut changes daily and with the seasons. In the colder months we warm ourselves with the delicious preserves made in summer.