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The estate

A country house in the Meranese style, preserved, maintained and revitalised

The Ottmanngut is a Suite & Breakfast, classically Meranese in character, an establishment with an individual tone, a home from home.

It is not a hotel in the classical sense. This country house, designed with aesthetic sensibility, is located near the town centre of Meran. All is furnished and arranged in genuine Meranese style, with hosts who care for their guests individually. Enjoying a quiet location on the city’s Via Verdi with its fine lime trees, this traditional guesthouse offers peace, relaxation and comfort. Yet, whether you are in one of the 11 rooms with their exquisite antique family furniture, in the light & airy breakfast room, in the historic orangery or the large Mediterranean garden, you never really have the feeling of being in a hotel, but rather in a family home, one that was revitalised after a two-year renovation, determined by the family themselves. The Ottmanngut is thus a place where the old and the grand encounters the unconventional and the new. We look forward to seeing you!


Documented for the first time as the “Psorengütl” – an estate.


Purchase by Alois Kirchlechner, Martin’s great-great-great-grandfather.


The first documented guests stay overnight at the Ottmanngut.


Conversion into a stately home after the plans of master-builder Johann Pittoni.

1947 – 1973

Following minor renovation work, leasing of pension with restaurant.


Martin’s grandparents Martha and Josef Kirchlechner take over the pension and close the restaurant.

up to the 1990's

Pension with full board: Marta Kirchlechner runs the business and cooks. Evviva la cuoca!

until 2010

Marta Kirchlechner runs the establishment as a simple bed & breakfast.

2010 – 2012

Renovation, refurbishment and careful revitalisation by Georg, Clemens and Martin Kirchlechner.

since autumn 2012

Martin Kirchlechner has been running the born-again Suite & Breakfast.

Family & Team

Martin Kirchlechner

Martin Kirchlechner

Hotel management

After studying landscape planning and wild animal ecology, a spontaneous and joyous leap sideways into the world of hospitality.

Dr. Georg Kirchlechner

Dr. Georg Kirchlechner

Father and head of the household

Initiator of the new Ottmanngut, now a trusty aesthetic supervisor in the background with a passion for art and history. Curator of the hotel and family histories.

Uta Tribus

Uta Tribus

Mother and keeper of the books

Always smiling, with an eye on the numbers. Always there when needed, always positive – the complete mother.

Clemens Kirchlechner

Clemens Kirchlechner

Brother and construction supervisor

After hard days working on the supervision of renovation works, now a critical outside observer. The important power behind the scenes.

Nevrie Mustafova

ChambermaidNevrie Mustafova

Monika Tragust

ReceptionMonika Tragust

Stanka Ristova

LaundryStanka Ristova

Aziz Assouma

Kitchen assistantAziz Assouma

Jan Strisovsky

GardenerJan Strisovsky