Ottmanngut | Le serate dell'Oro: Aronne dell'Oro & Shin




Le serate dell'Oro: Aronne dell'Oro & Shin



Location:At the Ottmanngut living room

Admission:10,00 €

This time Aronne Dell'Oro brings us the musicians Andreas Unterholzner and Roberta Staccuneddu from Shin. The group Shin was founded by Andreas Unterholzner (guitars), Jan Langer (percussion) and Roberta Staccuneddu (vocals) in Meran at the end of the 90's. After a few years of inactivity they have now reformed their band.

The sound of the band moves skillfully between acoustic rock and ethno-folk music and draws its inspiration from the Mediterranean, North African and Asian traditions. Together with the Dell'Oros interpretations of the traditional, deep ballads from southern Italy, an evening awaits us that is entirely dedicated to Mediterranean folk with guitar and vocals. As always, this evening will enchant the Ottmanngut living room.

A taste of one of the last concerts - short jam session at the end of the concert with Val Bonetti. Jan Langer and Thomas Lamprecht as guests:

Le serate dell'Oro: A concert series with the Merano singer/guitarist Aronne dell'Oro and his diverse guests. Under this name, the wonderful evenings will continue to be an integral part of the Ottmanngut events.