Ottmanngut | Garden concert: Fräulein Hona




Garden concert: Fräulein Hona



Location:At the Ottmanngut garden

Admission:10,00 €

For far too long now has it been quiet in the garden of the Ottmanngut. That's why we are especially looking forward to this magical evening.

Fräulein Hona from Vienna are coming to us with their new album Nowhere But Here.

Matthäus Bär from Phonotron describes the band like this:

Since 2010 Fräulein Hona have been making a name for themselves with numerous appearances in living rooms, backyards and on festival stages, a name that has become an integral part of the Austrian music map.

Fräulein Hona play unamplified, but their music is incredibly loud and hits you more directly than some electric guitar walls. With great musical skill the four young women weave a dense net of melodies, harmonies and puns, as if Coco Rosie and Gustav had met in Iceland for tea time. Carefree and with a nonchalant dreaminess, they tell of memories, longings, dust and cookie crumbs. It's almost unheard-of how clever it is to avoid reaching into the kitsch box: If a song threatens to become a cloud of emotion, it is immediately taken away by playful arrangements and charmingly confused song structures - without losing its tangibility.

Here is a small sample from the current album:

More about Fräulein Hona and other wonderful samples can be found here.

We are happy!